List devices of a user


Use this API endpoint to get a list of all the devices used by the user.

  • path: /user/<user>/devices?whitelisted=false&dev=false
  • method: GET
  • Base URL:
  • params:
    • user: The ID of the user . This must not be null.
  • query:
    • whitelisted: A boolean indicating whether or not to include whitelisted devices in the response. Defaults to false
    • dev: A boolean indicating which mode to query for devices in development mode only. Default is false.
  • headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer <api_secret>: where secret is the raw API secret you get when generating an API key.

      Never reveal your secret on the client side. Only make this call from a secure server.

  • response: Returns a list of Device objects. Similar to:
        "_id": "632f652d952b1dbf850fd797",
        "user": "632f652dfd85e259023bcb9c",
        "project": "632c919b3c0a10dc53dcaa75",
        "info": {
          // device info here
        "status": "detached",
        "metadata": {
          // metadata here
        "createdAt": "2022-09-24T20:14:37.512Z",
        "updatedAt": "2022-10-12T13:53:23.287Z",
        "__v": 0,
        "auto_detached": true,
        "detached_at": "2022-09-27T22:18:36.871Z",
        "identity": "63570d9d5ebe2dc8283aec17"