Monitor and prevent account sharing

Easily detect and convert account sharers into happy paying customers with unparalleled accuracy, while preserving a seamless user experience.

Rupt using multiple signals to detect shared accounts illustration

Account sharing is expensive!

  • Revenue loss

    Companies lose up to 45% of revenue to account sharing.

  • Inaccurate metrics

    The number of accounts may not reliably represent the actual number of users, especially in cases where accounts are shared.

  • Inadequate security

    Shared accounts can fall into the wrong hands resulting in takeovers.

Flows showing how Rupt processes many signals to intelligently detect shared accounts.

Detecting account sharing is hard

  • Complex

    Requires complex algorithms to accurately detect and keep track of 100s of signals.

  • Continuous

    Needs continuous maintenance and adaptation to changes in devices and clients.

Rupt makes account sharing protection simple

Monetize your account sharers on autopilot, with Rupt's simple integration every component is customizable and managed by us from end-to-end.

Features top

Monitor account sharing with accuracy

Leverage our patent-pending technology to detect account sharing with unbeatable precision and actionable insights.

Detect account and password sharing

Discover shared accounts with unparalleled accuracy.

Track repeat trials and signups

Know and limit free-trial abuse by repeat users even under different emails.

Leverage Rupt’s advanced signals

Rupt listens for unique and advanced signals of illegal account sharing.

Estimate people sharing each account

Rupt tells you how many people are on each shared account.

Rupt's account sharing prevention dashboard screenshot

Prevent password and account sharing to drive growth

A wide selection of out-of-the-box tools to help you convert account sharers into happy paying customers.

Stop account sharing with challenges

Ready-made blocking dialog to nudge account sharers to subscribe.

Suspend repeat abusers

Suspend chronic abusers and bad actors even if they create new accounts.

Whitelist devices

Safely impersonate users on support team devices without interrupting the user experience.

Rupt's dialog preventing multiple devices from using the product at the same time.

Stopping account sharing with Rupt is a no-brainer!

Delightfully simple setup and highly customizable options that allow for maximum results in minimal time.

Easy setup

Get up and running in just a few minutes, with the ability to dive deeper for customizations as needed.

APIs and SDKs

Clean, reliable and well-documented APIs and SDKs to customize your use case.

Developer and strategic support

Private slack channel for your team's technical and strategic support.

Rupt's dialog preventing multiple devices from using the product at the same time.

Estimate your loss growth potential

Leaving money on the table? Crunch the numbers and estimate how much you could gain by converting account sharers into paying customers.

Total shared accounts
Total ghost users
Converted users
Increasing revenue by
+ $58,800 / month
Total ARR increase
+ $705,600 ARR

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