End-to-end account sharing detection and protection for SaaS

Detect and monetize account sharing to boost revenue with unparalleled accuracy and revolutionary technology and without compromising your users’ experience.

Rupt using multiple signals to detect shared accounts illustration
Leverage a new growth channel
Leverage a new growth channelGrowth

Leverage a new growth
Leverage a new growth channel
Leverage a new growth channel
Leverage a new growth channel

Identify, target, and convert account sharers to concurrently expand your user base and revenue. Turn account sharing prevention into your largest growth channel by targeting users who already use and love your product.

Leverage a new growth channelRevenue

Monetize account sharers on autopilot
Leverage a new growth channel

Integration is simple and allows for limitless customization. Rupt will manage the end-to-end process allowing companies to focus on more prominent business initiatives.

Integrate your favorite LMS
Leverage a new growth channel
Leverage a new growth channelInsights

Track account sharing with unrivaled precision

Rely on our patent-pending technology to detect shared accounts with unbeatable accuracy. Safeguard your user experience by avoiding unnecessary hurdles and focusing solely on detecting genuine instances of account sharing.

Estimate your loss growth potential

Leaving money on the table? Crunch the numbers and estimate how much you could gain by converting account sharers into paying customers.

Total shared accounts
Total ghost users
Converted users
Increasing revenue by
+ $58,800 / month
Total ARR increase
+ $705,600 ARR

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