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How to find your account sharers and convert them?

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Companies can be losing 30% of their revenue to account sharers. Account sharers are non-paying users who are using another paying user's login credentials.

Netflix proved the impact that account sharing can have on a company by posting their 4 largest growth days after preventing account sharing.

Discover how you can find account sharers and convert them into paying users.

How to find account sharers?

Disclaimer: they are very hard to find.

Without the proper technology, the best you can do is guess who is account sharing and who isn’t. Manually, you can dig through the access log to see which users are logging in at an unusual rate.

For example, if someone is streaming at all hours of the day or has 7 devices logged in they are most likely account sharing. You can usually find up to 15% of your account sharers this way.

Companies can also use the number of IP addresses and frequencies of a user and map it to see if the travel between locations makes sense. However, this isn’t a sure proof method given that users can be using a vpn.

Even if you were able to use the above methods to find account sharers, it can be incredibly tedious and difficult to keep track of.

The best way to find account sharers is by training a machine learning algorithm. The algorithm can keep track of all possible signals of account sharing without compromising user security. Companies can add layers and layers of detection without compromising the user experience or accuracy.

This is exactly what Rupt does. Rupt equips your company with the account sharing prevention tools that don’t compromise user security or the user experience.

**How do you convert them? **

Account sharing isn’t always a bad thing. It gets more users on your platform, but it is critical that you convert them.

You should treat account sharers with compassion and err on the side of caution when communicating with them. You also have to reach out to them at the right time.

You can either try to reach them through the in-app or communicate approach. From there, you send them specially targeted messaging that leads them to convert. At a certain point, you can cut off their access to your product unless they convert.

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