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Kenzie Wilson


Case Study: Enhancing Student Success with Prep101 and Rupt's Account Sharing Prevention Solution

Our first line of defense was to start paying attention to user signals on our own. However, we quickly realized that it was more than a full-time job to accurately identify account sharers."
Andy Romano, Founder of Prep101

Founded in 1999, Prep101 has evolved from a humble beginning with a small group of students to a transformative force in the education sector, aiding hundreds of thousands of students to achieve higher academic performance and brighter futures. The organization's unwavering commitment to its student-first values has been instrumental in driving its success.

The Challenge: Combating Account Sharing

Prep101 encountered a new and unexpected challenge as online learning became more prevalent.

Students began sharing their accounts with other students. This put additional pressure on Prep101’s servers without generating any additional revenue. In order to combat this issue, the team attempted to create their own solution. They paid attention to a multitude of user signals including IP addresses and the number of devices. However, analyzing that data to determine account sharers was a difficult task so they set out to discover an account sharing prevention tool.

“Our first line of defense was to start paying attention to user signals on our own. However, we quickly realized that it was more than a full-time job to accurately identify account sharers.” stated Andy.

The Solution: Rupt's Account Sharing Prevention Tool

Prep101's account sharing prevention and device management dashboard based on Rupt.Prep101 uses Rupt's SDK to accurately keep track of user devices and limit them.

Prep101 works with Station WP to develop their technology. In their quest to address account sharing, Prep101 & Station WP initially attempted to devise in-house solutions but found the process complex, ineffective and inefficient. The turning point came when they discovered Rupt, an account sharing prevention tool. Before adopting Rupt, they explored various avenues, including do-it-yourself solutions and plugins for their WordPress-based platform. However, these attempts were inconclusive and lacked the desired level of customization and accuracy.

“Rupt’s customization made it easy for us to shape the platform to our needs,” said Steve Combes (partner at Station WP). “Implementation was seamless and Ahmed Rupt’s Founder is always quick to respond to our questions.”

Rupt's device-based approach aligned seamlessly with Prep101's needs. The platform's lean implementation process gave Prep101 the freedom to define the conditions that would trigger account sharing alerts. Unlike other solutions, Rupt's modularity allowed them to avoid imposing a potentially off-putting modal popup on users.

Users exceeding device limit set by Prp101 & Rupts SDKsMobile version of Prep101's account sharing prevention powered by Rupt.

Results and User Feedback: Immediate Impact

The integration of Rupt yielded tangible results for Prep101. Prep101 quickly learned that a significant number of accounts were being shared with other users. After the deployment of Rupt, many of these account sharers converted into paying customers resulting in additional revenue within the first 6 months.

User feedback post-implementation revealed that students appreciated the advanced notifications about account sharing prevention measures. Some students voiced concerns about potential limitations, while others only became aware of the issue once they reached their account sharing limits. The tool facilitated open communication between Prep101 and its users, fostering a collaborative environment.

The Future: Paving the Path Forward

Prep101 envisions a future where account sharing prevention becomes a standard practice. To strengthen enforcement, the organization seeks more conclusive evidence before taking action against suspected account sharing. While some instances of account sharing are overt, others require a deeper level of certainty.

The effectiveness of Rupt has played a pivotal role in shaping Prep101's future endeavors. The organization aims to continue expanding its online presence, leveraging Rupt's capabilities to drive decision-making. With the possibility of expanding into additional streams, Prep101's growth trajectory is empowered by innovative solutions like Rupt.

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