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Ahmed Saleh


E-learning leader, Sketchy, sits down with Rupt to discuss the impact of account sharing prevention

Principal product manager, Danielle Dyess, shares valuable insights on preventing password sharing. Read the interview now.

Danielle Dyess, a tenured product manager in the e-learning industry, showcases her expertise by discussing the critical pain point of account sharing. When Danielle first joined Sketchy, she was immediately tasked with creating some sort of account management system to keep track of account sharers.

Through surveys, Danielle found that a large number of students were sharing their accounts. This wasn’t necessarily done with ill intent, but rather the students didn’t realize the impact it would have on the company. Danielle noted that those in the education sector often pull resources together to help each other out, teachers and students alike.

Identifying the issue was only the first step, the next was figuring out how to convert those account sharers.

Account sharing wasn’t only impacting Sketchy, but also the users. Sketchy provides personalized learning specific to each user. This makes it even more important for students to have their individual accounts.

To start combating this issue, Danielle and her team at Sketchy started to create a system using FingerprintJS. They started with a soft approach requiring 2FA, setting device limits, and promoting sharers with in-app messaging. However, Danielle and the Sketchy team quickly realized that they were only scratching the surface and needed a more in-depth tool to help them properly combat account sharing.

That’s where Rupt came in.

After implementing Rupt, Sketchy saw 4% of account sharers convert. This conversion rate was much higher than Sketchy was seeing on their own. It was clear that Rupt’s solution provided a positive impact on Sketchy’s business.

Danielle goes on to mention that their biggest concern was negatively impacting the user experience. However, given Rupt’s extensive customizations Sketchy was able to maintain full control over their account sharing prevention.

This allowed them to prevent account sharers without impacting the experience of paying students.

You can listen to the entire interview and learn more about how Sketchy worked with Rupt to prevent account sharing here: