Update device metadata


Use this API endpoint to update the metadata of a device.

  • path: /device/<device id>/metadata
  • method: POST
  • Base URL:
  • parameters:
    • device id: The ID of the device you'd like to update the metadata for.
  • body:
    • metadata_fields: An object containing the metadata fields you'd like to update. The keys of the object are the metadata keys and the values are arrays of strings. (See example below)
  • headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer <api_secret>: where secret is the raw API secret you get when generating an API key.

      Never reveal your secret on the client side. Only make this call from a secure server.

  • response: The response from this endpoint will be {success: true} if the metadata was updated successfully.

Example body for updating metadata

  "metadata_fields": {
    "key": ["value1", "value2", "..."]