Complete identification


Use this API endpoint when you've initiated an identification on the client side and want to complete it on the server side. This is useful when to protect against account takeover attacks.

  • path: /identification/<identification>/complete
  • method: POST
  • Base URL:
  • parameters:
    • identification: The identification token you got from the identify function.
  • body:
    • account: The ID (string) of the account you're completing the identification for.
  • headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer <api_secret>: where secret is the raw API secret you get when generating an API key.

      Never reveal your secret on the client side. Only make this call from a secure server.

  • response: The response from this endpoint will be similar to:
      "access": "651e72f5cc64cb48d6f860d7",
      "device": "651e72eccc64cb48d6f860c0",
      "new_device": false,
      "metadata_fields": {
        "key": ["value1", "value2", "..."]