Monitor and prevent
account sharing.

Detect account sharing with the highest accuracy & least effort. Turn sharers into happy paying customers without annoying them.

Rupt using multiple signals to detect shared accounts illustrationAccount sharing detection signals like impossible travel and concurrent devicesUser devices like phone, tablet, and laptop with account sharing detection signals

The easiest 10% growth you'll ever see.

The easiest users to convert are the ones who already use and love your product. Engaging account sharers is a highly effective growth strategy.

A converted account sharer's journey from sharing to paying
Flows showing how Rupt processes many signals to intelligently detect shared accounts.

Accurately find account sharers without complexity.

  • Advanced algorithms

    Rupt uses advanced algorithms to listen and keep track of 100s of signals to accurately detect shared accounts.

  • No false positives

    Rupt errs on the side of caution to avoid false positives and ensure a smooth user experience.

  • Adaptive learning

    Rupt continuously learns and adapts to changes in user behavior, devices, browsers, clients, and regulations.

Detect account & password sharing in minutes.

Quickly detect account sharing using our simple SDKs and integrations. Get started in minutes not months.

Account sharing prevention for SaaS & Streaming easy integration depiction
Account sharing prevention for SaaS & Streaming easy integration depiction
Account sharing prevention for SaaS & Streaming easy integration depiction

Stop account sharing with unrivaled precision.

Rupt is the first and only end-to-end account sharing growth engine and offers insights and controls no one else comes even close to.

People detection

Proprietary people detection technology to track and control the number of people allowed to use a single account.

Fine-grained device limits

You can set a maximum number of computers, tablets, or mobile devices attached to a single account.

Group and plan targeting

Target specific groups or plans with different sharing limits and rules.

Next-gen device fingerprinting

People can change browsers, IP addresses, and use VPNs, but Rupt will still detect the same devices accurately.

Rupt's account sharing prevention dashboard screenshot

Turn password sharers into happy, paying users.

Rupt surgically targets password sharers and offers them a seamless experience to convert them into happy paying customers.

PLG conversion journeys

Choose from pre-built conversion journeys or create your own and turn account sharers into paying customers.

Leniency and strictness

Set the level of detection leniency and a maximum number of people per account to ensure a smooth user experience.

Allow postponing challenges

Allow users to postpone challenges for a certain period of time to avoid interruptions during their session.

Monitor and optimize

Monitor and optimize your conversion journeys with detailed analytics and insights. A/B test different journeys to find the best one for your users.

Rupt's challenge preventing multiple devices from using the product at the same time.

Preventing account sharing with Rupt is no-brainer!

Save millions in development costs and months of work. With a few lines of code, use the most advanced, end-to-end growth engine for account sharing prevention.

10X return on investment

If you don't see a 3X return on your investment in the first 90 days, we'll refund your money. No questions asked. Most customers see a 10X+ return.

Insights unlike any other

Get insights into your users' behavior and account sharing patterns no one else can provide and optimize your product and grow your revenue.

Worry-free integration

Rupt is a fully managed service. Don't worry about maintenance, updates, or scaling. We take care of everything.

Developers love us

Our API is easy to integrate and well-documented. Developer support is always available to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

Rupt's turns account sharing prevention into growth illustration.

Estimate your loss growth from account sharing.

Our customers see a 5-10% increase in revenue within a few months. Use this calculator to estimate your potential growth. Reach out to us for a detailed analysis.

Shared accounts
Potential new users
Converted users
Increasing revenue by
+ $58,800 / month
Total ARR increase
+ $705,600 ARR

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