Repeat trial protection

While Rupt offers account sharing monitoring and protection, the underlying technology is also useful for repeat trial protection.

How to use Rupt for repeat trial protection

  1. Repeat trial protection must be enabled through the account settings.
  2. When calling the attach function, pass the event and redirect_urls parameters. The event parameter should be set to trial_started and the redirect_urls parameter should contain the upgrade_url which is the URL to redirect the user to if they choose to upgrade to a paid plan and skip the trial.
    const res = await Rupt.attach({
      event: "trial_started",
      redirect_urls: {
        upgrade_url: 'YOUR_UPGRADE_PAGE'
  3. If there has been a previous trial on the same physical device, Rupt will flag that for you on the dashboard. If the settings are configured to block repeat trials, the user will be redirected to the challenge page. In the challenge page, the user can skip the trial and upgrade to a paid plan (pass the upgrade_url to the attach function) or they can request a trial approval which will appear on your dashboard for approval.
    Challenge journey
  4. In the dashboard, you can approve or deny a specific trial request by going to the accounts -> account details -> edit trial request state.

How to disable the repeat trial protection following an upgrade

  1. After an upgrade, pass an upgrade value to event parameter of the attach function. You can pass this parameter just once for it to take effect.
    const res = await Rupt.attach({
      event: "upgrade"

    alteratively, you can use the API endpoint to update the user data from the server. See Update user for more details.