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Ahmed Saleh


Why I built Rupt

At my previous company, a customer reported problems logging into their account. I went on a debugging session with them, and somehow their credentials were changed. While debugging this issue, I saw a bizarre behavior in the access logs. Her account was being logged into from Australia (her primary location) and then a minute later from the Philippines. I voiced my concern, and she mentioned that she was indeed sharing her account with another user. Upon further digging, we discovered that the customer only paying for a single license had twenty people on that account.

After a lengthy manual audit of our logs to estimate how widespread this "account sharing" issue was in our platform, the results were shocking! We discovered we could make 30%-45% more revenue if we had simply prevented account sharing. Me freaking out about how rampant account sharing was on our platformMe freaking out about how rampant account sharing was on our platform

We searched everywhere for an easy and accurate developer tool to help us accomplish this, but we came up empty. So we ended up creating Rupt. Through creating Rupt for our internal use, we discovered how difficult and time-consuming building an accurate account-sharing detection technology is. It's even harder to prevent account sharing in a tasteful way that keeps your user satisfaction high. But after so much time and effort and consuming every available material we could get our hands on about this topic, we've become experts on account sharing monitoring and prevention.

It turns out companies globally lose over $75B annually to account sharing. And it's not just the lost revenue that's the problem. Account sharing also leads to a poor user experience, which can lead to churn. And it can also lead to security issues, which can lead to data breaches and lawsuits. So it's a big problem that needs to be addressed.

The Rupt Mission

The deeper reason I built Rupt is because I love building products that matter. Products that have a positive effect on people's lives. One of the best ways to do that is to take complex problems and make them simple. And that's what Rupt does. It takes a complex problem like account sharing and makes it simple for developers to solve.

So our mission: Take complex, necessary problems and make them simple.