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Ahmed Saleh


What is a converted account sharer?

One of the unique features Rupt offers is the ability to detect which users converted from sharing an account to creating their own account.

Let’s examine a few concepts:

  • Account sharer: a person who uses an account that other people owns.
  • Challenge: is a prompt that asks the user to verify the ownership or create their separate account (usually only shown to shared accounts - see here for more details)

So, what is a converted account sharer?

A converted account sharer is someone initially using another user's account, after a Rupt challenge, created a their own account.

A few notes:

  1. Rupt only counts a user as converted if they were initially using another user's account and then created their own account after seeing a Rupt challenge.
  2. The account sharer must see a challenge issued or triggered by Rupt. This ensures that Rupt had a hand in preventing the abuse and notifying the user that they should create their own account.
  3. The converted user must create an account on the same device on which they encountered the Rupt challenge.
  4. The first three steps must occur in that specific chronological order.

An image illustrating the journey of a password sharing user and becoming a happy paying customer with Rupt

Can I track conversions separately from Rupt’s dashboard metrics?

For the most accurate picture of ROI and true conversion rate, we recommend using Rupt's conversion tracking. We’ve worked with customers who’ve used cookies or referral tags to track conversions, but these methods result in an inaccurate (and often under-represented) picture. These methods rely on the user converting in the very same session or on the very same browser. This method only detects a maximum of 27% of the conversion. Users frequently convert some time after encountering the challenge or on a different browser, rendering tracking conversions impossible using traditional methods.

Rupt does not rely on cookies or refer tags. Instead, we use highly accurate device fingerprinting techniques to reliably detect conversions.

If you’re curious about how many account sharers you could convert into happy paying customers, Rupt is your best friend. Give it a try!