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Kenzie Wilson


Rupt emerges from stealth mode, surpassing the 1 million users served mark in under a year

This article references an article posted on Higher Ed Dive.

San Francisco, CA - November, 29 2023

Rupt, a leading account sharing prevention platform, proudly announces a significant achievement, surpassing the remarkable milestone of serving more than 1 million users. Rupt has emerged as a key player in the battle against account sharing, partnering with companies to effectively detect and monetize account sharers.

Rupt employs a sophisticated approach, leveraging a diverse range of user signals alongside AI to identify and incentivize account sharers. The platform takes proactive measures by engaging detected sharers with unique branded nudges, aiming to convert them into legitimate, paying users.

Since its inception, Rupt has actively tracked and detected account sharers, reaching the impressive milestone of 1 million users served. This accomplishment reflects the growing need for innovative solutions to engage and convert account shares into happy paying customers.

"Surpassing the 1 million users served milestone is a testament to the effectiveness of Rupt's approach in preventing account sharing," said Ahmed Saleh, CEO and Founder at Rupt. "We are proud to contribute to the success of our partner companies by safeguarding their digital assets and revenue streams. This milestone is only the beginning for Rupt, as we additionally have generated $5.5M net new revenue for our clients that is trackable and attributed to Rupt."

Rupt's commitment to excellence and its proactive approach to account sharing by gently engaging account sharers and incentivizing them to create paid accounts has positioned the startup for continued success. As the platform expands its reach and capabilities, Rupt remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for companies seeking robust account security measures.

About Rupt

Rupt is a pioneering account sharing prevention platform dedicated to detecting and monetizing account sharers. By leveraging advanced technology and a comprehensive approach, Rupt prevents unauthorized account sharing, empowering businesses to secure their revenue streams and enhance user engagement.