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Kenzie Wilson


How to prevent multiple logins by the same user

Account sharing has become increasingly common especially with the rise of streaming services. Account sharing occurs when a user shares their login credentials with another user who isn’t paying for the service.

To combat this issue, companies will oftentimes try to prevent multiple simultaneous logins from the same user. This first seems like a quick fix, but those who have attempted know that it is actually a large undertaking.

There are many ways to prevent multiple logins from the same user. In this blog we will discuss these methods along with the pros and cons for each.

So how can you prevent multiple logins by the same user?

  1. Monitor Active Sessions

If a user has more than one session active at a time you could kick them out of the older session. However, this can massively impact the user experience. If a user has multiple tabs open they will continue kicking themselves out. It is critical to strike the right balance between security and user convenience.

  1. Detect IP Addresses

Additionally, account sharing can be tracked through IP addresses. Companies can track if a user has changed IP addresses or is logged in from multiple IP addresses. Unfortunately, in the world of VPNs this can’t be a sure proof method for determining account sharing.

What is the end goal?

If the end goal is to strictly prevent multiple logins or sessions from one user then the session or IP address approach is best. However, for comprehensive account sharing prevention, a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that identifies multiple user signals is essential.

To prevent account sharing, a complex algorithm that incorporates multiple data points and user behavior signals is the best method. The algorithm can then automatically present the user with additional security measures including 2-factor authentication.

Rupt allows you to do exactly that without any of the work. Rupt’s cutting-edge AI machine learning algorithm creates a unique user thumbprint based on multiple logins. Using this thumbprint, Rupt can detect account sharing with the highest accuracy without impairing the customer experience.

Preventing multiple logins and account sharing is a vital aspect of ensuring the security and integrity of your company and product. This issue is much more difficult than it initially seems which is why implementing a complex algorithm like Rupt’s can help you effectively prevent account sharing while still providing users with a seamless and secure experience.

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