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Kenzie Wilson


How To Detect Account Sharing

Account sharing occurs when paying users are allowing non-paying users to use their account. These additional users create a massive load on the server without an increase in revenue.

Companies are losing upwards of 30% of their revenue due to account sharing. So how can you stop it? How can you detect and stop account sharing? In this blog, we are going to walk you through exactly how Rupt is able to detect and convert your account sharers.

1. Client and server-side signals

Rupt uses both client and server-side signals to determine if more than one person is sharing an account. Using a multitude of signals, enables Rupt to detect account sharers with unrivaled precision. These signals include the number of unique devices connected, frequency of access, IP information, impossible travel signals, and more.

Rupt receives these signals by integrating a client library into your project and call an attach function that links the device to the user’s account.

2. Reading the signals

Rupt takes in all of the user signals and determines whether the account is being shared or not. By default*, Rupt will intervene in the following cases:

  1. The account appears to be used by more than one person (via signal analysis)
  2. The account has too many accounts associated with it

It is important to note that Rupt is fully customizable. You can configure Rupt in the way that best suits your business needs including device limits, etc.

3. Take action

Once you have successfully detected account sharing it is time to officially take action. Rupt does this in the form of challenges. Challenges either allow the account owner to prove that they are in fact the owner or require the account sharer to sign up for their own paid account. Account owner verification can be done by verifying a phone number or email.

Unauthorized account sharing can be a significant drain on your business’s resources and revenue. Rupt’s comprehensive approach to detecting and addressing the issue ensures that you can both identify and convert account sharers with precision. Take the first step in protecting your revenue and invaluable content by signing up with Rupt today.