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Ahmed Saleh


How Baims grew instructor income 20% by preventing account sharing

Baims website on tables after preventing account sharing using RuptBaims increased instructor income up 20% by preventing account sharing using Rupt.

We had one account shared amongst 47 users. When we finally put a stop to that, we saw instructor revenue increase by $5,000 per month from the users of that one account."
Yousef Alhusaini, Co-Founder & CEO of Baims


Baims is the fastest growing EdTech startup in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region & Turkey. Their technology allows top academic instructors to teach and students to study anytime and anywhere at a fraction of the cost they would otherwise pay. Their courses and platform are specifically focused and organized based on each university's curriculum, catering down to the specific question student would expect to get on their own class exams.

The challenge

For many streaming & educational companies, account sharing results in direct revenue loss. What's worse is that revenue loss is suffered by the instructors who work so hard to produce and keep the content up to date. The founders & the team at Baims felt the responsibility to put in place a system to track and prevent account sharing. They are deeply committed to giving the instructors their fair share of revenue generated from their content and account sharing was something they needed to address.

The team at Baims had tried multiple ways including limiting sessions and logging users out, but that did not work very well and resulted in bad user experience and increased complaints to the customer support team.

The Baims team had to use a flurry of tools to identify the top shared accounts and manually guess users and manually block them. The tool stack included Mixpanel, a custom admin panel and a manual comparison tool to tie everything together. The process takes hours and was not accurate.

When they learned about Rupt, they were very excited and eager to try it out.

The solution

Baims knew that the first and biggest faucet to increase top-line revenue for instructors was preventing account sharing. After learning about how rupt works and the accuracy and signals it uses to determine and prevent account sharing, they decided to give it a try.

This was a priority for them so they immediately started working on integrating Rupt. The team added the integration for the first week without prevention. They wanted to observe and get an exact number for how widespread the problem was.

After the first week, they enabled account-sharing prevention mechanisms. This includes the Rupt-provided dialog that blocks informs users they are over the device limit and there are too many devices on their account. Once a user chooses a device to kick out, they user is kicked logged out of that device via the SDK integration.

Baims using the account sharing prevention dialog provided by RuptBaims using the account sharing prevention dialog provided by Rupt

This is one of the softest approaches that Rupt provides and is the easiest and fastest to integrate, but it worked well for Baims (see results).

The implementation process

Baims needed to integrate account sharing monitoring and prevention fast. So they assigned one engineer to work on the front-end. The integration took the engineer one day. They reached out to us for help on how to integrate with specific libraries and provided some feedback (which we since adopted).

Then they were off to the races.

The results

It didn't take long to learn that account sharing for Baims was staggering and well over half of the accounts were shared. The results were so encouraging that Baims expanded account sharing monitoring and prevention to cover both iOS & Android apps. Then they put Rupt on auto-pilot. No increase in customer support tickets detected because the blocking dialog communicates to the end-users which devices are over the limit and gives them the choice of which devices to kick out.

Baims went on to raise their Series A round in a down market. With their product and growth healthier than ever, the founder told me they now have one less thing to worry about as they focus on growth and scaling other aspects of the business.

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