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Kenzie Wilson


Generate revenue with users already using your platform

User-based companies are constantly looking for ways to increase their audience. They will often turn to marketing and attempt to drive new users which can cost 5 to 25 times as much as retaining an existing one.

However companies are often missing out on a large growth opportunity by ignoring users already using their product, but not paying for it. These are known as account sharers. Account sharers are groups of users who are sharing one paid account thus “cheating” the system.

Subscription-based companies are highly susceptible to account sharing especially within the streaming, publishing, e-learning, and SaaS industries. Account sharing creates an increased server load without also increasing revenue. Companies are usually leaving upwards of 30% of their revenue on the table by not preventing account sharing.

So why aren’t all subscription-based companies preventing account sharing?

  1. It is complex.
    There are a multitude of user signals that must be looked at in order to accurately detect if an account is being shared. Companies must not only track and store all of these signals, but then also analyze the signals. This tedious process is often too much for a company to take on on its own.
  2. It is continuous.
    Once you start preventing account sharing you must continuously detect new account sharers to ensure your platform and revenue is protected. This would easily take an entire team full-time in order to accomplish this.
  3. It is a delicate balance.
    You must track, monitor, detect, and convert users all while maintaining the user experience. You don’t want to disrupt your paying user's experience by constantly asking for multi-factor authentication (MFA) or locking them out of their account.

For many companies building an in-house prevention team is out of the cards, so they have started to turn to trusted third-parties such as Rupt.

Rupt handles all of the heavy lifting while offering a wide variety of customizations to allow companies to stay in control of their prevention efforts. With unrivaled accuracy, Rupt is able to detect account sharers and present them with on-brand challenge pages in order to convert them.

Many reputable companies have partnered with Rupt and reclaimed their lost revenue. To learn more today about what Rupt could mean for your business, schedule a demo here.